Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Two Poems by William G. Davies, Jr.


The day metamorphoses
by molecule, particle, atom
one collating with the other
in what we might
understand as pixels
and the more there are
the more expensive.
So I’ll look
out my window
a little longer,
I’m feeling
like a millionaire.

On A Windowsill

Their tiny, white petals
touch the cold glass,
a bargain is struck
if the flowery shamrock
can hold up
against an element
whose invisibility
is suddenly reflected
by delicacy.

William G. Davies, Jr. lives in a town surrounded by dairy farms. He has been happily married for thirty-eight years. His work has apperared in the Cortland Review,  Bluepepper, The Wilderness House Review, Gloom Cupboard and many others.

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