Friday, March 15, 2013

Two Poems by Lance Sheridan and Barbara Sutton

winter flight

winter flight of the cold, of geese,
unfolds the frost, snow has no

the depth of the freezing temperatures
is in the reflected pond, the geese cannot

snow laden wings tire the unforgiving snow
below waiting to entomb the silhouettes of

the breath of the wind on the bough of the tree,
melancholy are sounds of warmer days

timelessness of the hills where inhabitants existed,
they feel the loneliness, the grip of frost, forgotten

the sunset opens the window to the night, flurries
begin to fall like brittle glass, moonlight guides their

to dream of summers past
soaring, endless into


wooded silence.


chain saw cracks bark, cracks the spine;

trees measured out with yardsticks; after,
lay fallen like dead cotton on a homeless


water fails to creep,
fails like a high school

both, now unemployed
in a dead−end

penetrating preachers arrive to give last rights
with pageless bibles,

more an exorcism…

boss man stands smoking cheap cigar,
tosses it, slow motion,
lands−smoke and fire


forest floor heats up
similar to a wood stove;

firefighters paid off
like street hookers…

wooded noise.



“light touches the dead wood of
my soul and brings forth the
tender growth of hope.”

Lance Sheridan—Published writer—Bits and Pieces to Ponder/Self-Help/2002 .  Published poet—Poet Interview on November 8, 2012 by a Salisbury University Journalism Major/Salisbury, MD; poem 'Night into Day/Goodnight Till the Morning Sun'/11-12/napalmandnovocain.blogspot; poem 'Night into Day/Goodnight Till the Morning Sun' has been accepted for inclusion in the 2012 Best of Anthology, Storm Cycle.  blog—; has received over 75,000 views since June 2012. One poet on my work, "Whoa … ur writing is incredible." April Pardocchi.

Barbara Sutton—Yet unpublished, she writes with great depth, emotion and feeling. Her imagery is exceptional. She has a style which I like to call, "a stimulating vibration"—one is greatly awakened by her words. Working with her helps me to articulate the necessity for change, to push the boundaries of conformity, to delve into a new poetic existence. You write more on instinct and inspiration, and you deliver that to the reader.

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  1. There's many beautiful images in these two poems that caused this reader to stop and enjoy the views along the way. A reader of poetry loves images they can relate to and to own and these two poems have just that. I consider this a poem to inspire, bring on imaginations, and paint a picture...great works!

    Barbara Kasey Smith