Friday, March 1, 2013

Three Poems from Mohana Das

Hyacinths in the gutter:

late afternoons, i cross the culvert-
they are all over the 2' width of stagnant black,
huddling close, closer, one
over the other-
catch my eyes, i blink. and
for a moment everything is forgotten-
the spiced tamarind puchka-mix,
tinnitus of trivial chatter-
skins of purple silk,
unfolding sugar labia outwards,
reincarnated peacocks-
origami memories float down
sip with shivering lips
green dew off leaves that conceal,
behind veined cheeks
blackness, the grim called reality
and i'd rather choose a lie,
trapped in a moment of internal stasis
i cannot feel my heart.
suddenly it is all different, like
melancholy mirrored on glass,
translations, graded violet/indigo
rubbed over with golden dust-
the skies are pregnant with inopportune rain.
time weeps tears of tea,
hiding absinthe eyes in
eclipsed mists.

twilight has bloomed.
precipices refract fire

inside cumulus.
creeks twist naked-
distorted like secrecy.
They kiss his inky feet,
with revered passion;
in soft red swells,
breathing as one
in the filtered afterglow.
Obscure euphoria,
restless on coral wings,
half-entranced -
to the amateur Venus
paying court.
Shadowed by the dusk:
transient splendor -
their sweet ignorance
lulls their eyes asleep
beneath hosts of
unchristened proboscis.

Mohana Das is a poet by passion. Currently pursuing a degree in engineering, she is allured by all things creative, and abstract. Stars, colors, wildflowers, bees and butterflies are all her darlings. A Pushcart nominee, her poems have been published or are upcoming in a number of anthologies, Vayavya, The Brinks Gallery Cafe, vox poetica and Tuck Magazine.

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  1. I enjoy your strong, sensual imagery. Hyacinths in the Gutter has me warmed and excited for winter to do its final lifting. Beautiful work.