Friday, August 17, 2012

A Poem by Ali Znaidi

A Bee Swarm without a Queen
The bee swarm was broken.
Empty of the queen.
Innocent queen was captivated.
I heard her captivity narrative
in the form of a heartbreaking buzz.
Rubbed between two merciless
Honey is dead.
The cupcake is bitter.
Ali Znaidi lives in Redeyef, Tunisia. He graduated with a BA in Anglo-American Studies in 2002. He teaches English at Tunisian public secondary schools. He writes poetry and has an interest in literature, languages, and literary translations. His work has appeared in The Bamboo Forest, The Camel Saloon, phantom kangaroo, BoySlut,, Otoliths, Dead Snakes, Speech Therapy Poetry Zine, streetcake magazine, The Rusty Nail, Yes,Poetry, The South Townsville micro poetry journal, Shot Glass Journal, the fib review, Ink Sweat and Tears, and Mad Swirl, and is upcoming in other ezines. He also writes flash fiction for the Six Sentence Social Network—

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