Friday, August 24, 2012

A Poem by Amit Parmessur

I Am Childish
There is a sky like an ocean in my mind. In
the mind of my mind I add clouds made
of scarlet roses to it. I call it Picassoing.
Somewhere, either in the clouds or the sea,
there is a mermaid. Imprisoned.
I use a moon to catch glimpses of her.
My feet marinating in Shaver Lake
I hear birds singing and release
the mermaid from my mind and we chat.
Weeds often billow when she smiles.
And flowers become green with jealousy.
Nature is Picasso too, you see!
I see a stony and mossy ship inside the lake.
Crewless. Clueless. I am unmanned.
Night falls, heavily.
The moon becomes a witch and flies away
with a broom. The weeds become scythes.
I am trapped in webs of filthy tarantulas.
The flowers fall from the imaginary sky
and schlap me, splashing fake blood
It all ends with a dry lake,
few beheaded lambs by my side and
two moons resembling delicious watermelons.
Amit Parmessur lives with his black cat and two cute dogs nowadays. Since 2010, his poems have appeared in around 120 literary magazines, like Ann Arbor Review, Salt, Hobo Camp Review and Red Fez. His book on blog Lord Shiva and other poems has also been published by The Camel Saloon. Born in 1983, he lives in Quatre-Bornes, Mauritius.

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