Monday, August 13, 2012

A Poem by Travis Laurence Naught

Mountain View

Born and raised in a valley
With spectacular views
Of three measured peaks
And limited line of sight
To a pair more

Without wonder now
That a spirit within
Has been rekindled
Yearning to find more
Surroundings of grandeur
Dripping with snow and ice

Travis Laurence Naught is a poet who happens to be a quadriplegic wheelchair user. He earned a bachelor's in psychology from Eastern Washington University in 2005. His first book collection, The Virgin Journals, was released by ASD Publishing in March of the 2012. It received an honorable mention in the biography/autobiography category at the 2012 San Francisco Book Festival and was used as curriculum in a disability studies course at EWUniversity. Other poems by him have been published online at,, and as well as in print in the 2012 Northwest Boulevard and The Easterner, both released by EWU. You can follow his daily update page online at

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