Saturday, August 18, 2012

Three Poems by Nathan J.D.L. Rowark

Feathered and unfettered

Ducks that flow upon the stream and ducking often, fishing keen;
I find you give me peace of mind, for as a duck I could unwind.

I would swim and ponder life’s surrender, watch people bask in nature’s splendour,
As they would come with treats of many, and in return I need not give any.

Flapping baths that spray the crowd, preening beneath wing, guilty head bowed.
The duckling’s life is the one for me, and I would live it now harmoniously.

Sore the sky

In hopes of flight, view duckling’s sight.
Its peers above bear down their love,
And promise true that they will too,
Soar the sky as seen by eye.

Solar rebirth

Star child’s fingers that reach from outer space;
Bore from a vernal equinox, that Easters fans can trace.
Levies of a balanced act, the price, a winters chill;
To see it pass, for day and night to both enjoy their fill.

Solar god, a mighty form that’s part of Celtic ties;
Performing for the rabbit’s sight, a warming of the skies.
Sunrise is a prospect, that makes kingdom overjoyed;
The hibernating furies can now leave their winter void.

A pregnant Lady sits on lawn, surveying with her Lord,
Evolvement, taking place by rays, found glinting from his sword.
The eggs are painted pagan styles, to hatch a new design;
Imbued now, with a magic wish to see a summer’s sign.

Nathan J.D.L Rowark is 34 years old and lives within the ancient fort of London for his sins.
He enjoys the macabre and bizarre and hopes to become much more recognised in this field through poetry & short story writing.

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