Friday, August 10, 2012

A Poem by Connie L. Peters

Kids in a Storm

The sky glows yellow.
Wind gently ripples violets
and buttercups.
Rain pitter patters up the driveway.
My sister and I grab a blanket
and huddle together on the porch glider.
We grin, as first drops kiss our cheeks.
We giggle, as cool wind tickles our toes.

We squeal and laugh
as lightning flashes and thunder booms.
Rain taps, drums, pounds on the roof.
We breathe in freshly washed air
and adventure.
Connie L. Peters, poet, novelist and freelance writer, lives in Southwest Colorado. Her poetry, stories and articles have appeared in many national publications. Currently she writes regularly for The Pagosa Sun,, and Adam Colwell’s Write Works. She has twenty-eight years writing experience and has been writing a poem a day since 2004. Samples of her poetry can be seen at


  1. Oh, this takes me back to childhood, Connie. My best friend and I would grab my dad's big golf umbrella and walk barefoot during summer rain. Always an adventure.

  2. "freshly washed air and adventure" a brilliant capture of childhood - throw in those giggles and the rain - and this poem just jumps off the page.

  3. What a beautiful moment captured so poetically, Connie. I absolutely love the rain, and this is just gorgeous.

  4. Aaaah, this so reminds me of my little sister and childhood fun. Lovely!

  5. Sweet! Such a fun memory! :-)