Thursday, August 9, 2012

Two Poems by Shellie Richards


Two dark clouds hang in insolent protest
Barely enough to stake claim as remnants or to
beckon a second glance.

They are
all that remains
of the violent storm
Long abandoned by the impressive displays of their charcoal brethren…

Like two lovers who parted ways over dinner –

one who lost everything in the conversation and the other
who will march on feverishly without ever missing a beat.

Hundred Year Flood

After the rain everything was quiet like the
water swallowed up the sound and spit out silence.

As if the rushing waters had smothered everything in its path sucking the lifeblood out of

everything it touched -

and taking with it the voice of a city.

Shellie Richards’ work has previously appeared in Bartleby Snopes (Winner, story of the month, January 2012), theBelmont Literary Journal, The Chaffey Review, Vanderbilt University’s Tabula Rasa and Pyrokinection. She lives in Nashville with her husband and three children. She works at Vanderbilt University where she edits scientific papers for publication and is currently finishing an M.A. in English (writing). She has just completed writing her first novel.

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