Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Poem by Sara Vinas

Shades of Summer

Sunlight slipped
Oak trees
Weaving beam and branch
To paint gray
Picnic table planks
With shadow leaves
While the breeze
Tickled my neck
Only I could hear

Sara Vinas is a worshiper of the sun, sea and serendipity.  She is also an artist and the inspirations for art in paint and pen come from her delight in nature, especially of the salt water variety.  Her poetry has been published in "Whimsy," "Errant Parent," "Brevity Poetry Review," and the anthology "Prompted."  Her art and poetry can be found at


  1. Oh lovely! I'm right there with you, Sara! :-)

  2. Ooooh "whispering secrets" lovely lovely poem... and the synchronicity of your gray theme and the journal's colors is just magnificent. Congratulations Sara :)

  3. Well done, Sara! I love the grey painted picnic table planks. :)

  4. I love trees and shadows and this poem. Great job, Sara. The closing lines are perfect.

  5. Beautiful poem, Sara! I love the sunlight image "While the breeze/Tickled my neck" I was there with you in that moment.

  6. Great poem, Sara! Your words, images and flow created an instant journey worth taking! Could just feel the colors and a hint of the secret! Way to go and take so many of us with you! Loved it!

  7. Excellent job, Sara. Loved the sliding words that oozed along the lines to culminate at an invisible period, leaving me to wait for more.