Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Three Poems by Anthony Ward

I love to take woodland walks
Amongst avenues of afternoons
When the virescent canopy
That was once a natural nave of trees
Lies asunder
A carpet of brisk leaves
Mulching cadaverous colours
All their the art drawn out
Their chromatic currency spent
Blanched the breeze
Rifling the sense
Leaving blankets of emotion
Both ensanguine and antique
When cool autumnal nights cause the
Tannin to turn leaves in assemblage to atrophy
And shadows gambol from elongated horizons
Within the glare of gardens
Ablaze with autumn berries
Beguiled of beauty
Blinding and blending
Connotations of combustible colour
Respiring ripe
And fruitful like the apples
Both succinct and succulent
Causing branches to droop
As we harvest thoughts
Thankful in our thinking.
When the year turns vintage
The atmosphere matures
The sun warm in the cool breeze
Swaying the bronzed chestnuts
Tanned after summer’s searing
Shedding their plumage
Leaves rustling along russet roads
Creating dusky umbered paths
Where tawny owls abide
Amongst cindered remnants
Upon grey cold pavements
Comforting melancholic embers
From caustic passions
Now past and inciting
From this season most inviting.
Snowdrops abundant
Around bare stumps
Drooping like icicles,
Thawing rivers of blossom
Flowing through forest floors
After the silence of night
Resounds with an exhalation
Of trees sighing with relief
After bearing their breath
Amidst the chthonian chill.
From the bludgeoning snow
Comes the burgeoning spring
Restoring life to what once lived,
The pipit having defied the cuckoo
Singing along with the skylark
To herald the new season.

The albumen nestling upon the yolk fleeced gorse
Gorging on verges of fields flocked with daffodils
Rising in verdurous clumps
Their perianth surrounding coronas
Like rays of sunlight rising from the hills
While pugnacious hares lay their eggs in meadows
And frogs spawn in the marsh.

While march meanders from the pewits pinch
Into the opening month
When the heavens shower the earth
Enticing the flourishing advance
Towards the assault of summer.
Anthony tends to fidget with his thoughts in the hope of laying them to rest. He has managed to lay them in a number of literary magazines including Enhance, Drunk Monkeys, Speech Therapy, Turbulence, Ginger Piglet, Torrid Literature Journal and The Rusty Nail, amongst others.

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  1. I love walking with you, and your words Anthony :-) Beautifully painted scenes.